The Blueberry Lake property consists of 46 claim units comprising approximately 800 hectares of highly prospective geology for cobalt, copper, and silver mineralization. The claims are contiguous with Cobalt Power’s TriEast project.


The Blueberry Lake property was originally staked to cover the source area of a cluster of 3 geochemically anomalous Co (+/- Pb & Zn & Cu) lake bottom sediments derived from a 2004 Ontario Geological Survey sampling program.

The geochemical signature of the anomalies differs from much of the Cobalt Ontario camp in that the anomalous cobalt is coupled with copper, lead, and zinc, in contrast with the typical Co-Ag-As signature of the historical mining camp. This is suggestive of sediment-hosted copper-cobalt mineralization.

Project Details

The Blueberry Lake property is located approximately 9 km east of the town of Temagami and approximately 35 km south of the town of Cobalt, Ontario. The property is accessible by forestry roads, boat, and ATV.

The Blueberry Lake property lies within the Huronian Basin and is underlain entirely by gently eastward dipping sedimentary rocks belonging to the Lorrain Formation, consisting of weakly deformed quartzites and feldspathic quartzites.

Lake sediment samples taken by the Ontario Geological Survey in 2004 returned assay values as high as 68 ppm Co. The metal suite of the lake anomalies is atypical of the Co-Ag-As signature of Cobalt and Silver Centre mineralization, which is commonly associated with Nipissing diabase dikes. The Co-Cu-Zn-Pb signature suggests the presence of another style of mineralization; possibly sediment-hosted Cu-Co.

The Company is fully funded for the 2018 exploration season and plans are underway for an aggressive exploration program on its new Blueberry Lake property.

Minimal historical exploration work has been completed on the Blueberry Lake property as the geological setting is unconventional for silver-cobalt mineralization that was historically exploited in the Cobalt camp. In 1968, the Blueberry Lake property and surrounding claims were covered by stream sediment and soil geochemical surveys; however, data has been “blacked out” on assessment reports. The Gosselin Co-Ag-As showing is located 1km west-northwest of the property and the Temagami-Lorrain Co-Cu showing is located 4km north. Both showings are hosted by Nipissing diabase intrusions. Quartz veins with chalcopyrite and galena are reported several 100 metres north of the property.